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Uniform Trident XL3400

Uniform Trident

    Trident XL3400 Superwide

  • Max print speed of 160 sq.m/hour
  • 360 dpi print resolution
  • Exceptional price/performance ratio
  • Robust design enables 24/7 operation
  • Incorporates proven Xaar piezoelectric printhead technology
  • Peristaltic ink pumps and continuous filtration to prevent clogging
  • Brushless servo motors drive permanently lubricated gearboxes so there’s no maintenance required
  • Automated vacuum purging of printheads for on-the-fly maintenance.

Cruise speed is 90 sq.metres/hour / Max speed is 160 sq.metres/hour

Built for speed and 24/7 operation...

The Trident XL3400 has been built with one job in mind, to produce superwide outdoor print, 24 hours a day, every day.

More printheads equals more speed...

In the field of large format printing, published printspeed figures are often nothing more than hot air. With the Uniform Trident XL3400 there is no need for hype - with 72 Xaar printheads it is obvious why it’s so much faster than the competition.

This industrial-strength printer from Uniform produces 360 dpi, four-colour output on substrates up to 3.4 metres (134") wide.

With a usable continuous print speed over 158 square metres an hour, the Trident XL3400 Grand Format Printer is easily the most productive inkjet printer in its class.

It’s ideal for paper billboards, PVC banners, building wraps, self-adhesive vinyl and more.

In addition to reliability and speed the Trident also offers the best price to performance ratio of any printer in its class.

Technical specifications
Print Speed: Variety of user-selectable print speeds. Production jobs typically run at 160, 100, 90, and 45 sq. metres an hour depending upon quality vs. production requirements.
Media Handling: Roll-to-roll using standard 3” core or optional 6” core. Up to 10” (25.4cm) material diameter.
Optional roll-to-sheet output.
Optional heavy roll supply and take-up
Print Width: Up to 3.4 metre max (or 2 x 1.6m)
Inks: 4 (CMYK) x 3.2 litre solvent ink
Ink Delivery: Peristaltic pumps provide recirculating ink supply with continuous ink filtration
Printheads: 72 x Xaar piezo electric DOD
Print Resolution: 360dpi
Printhead Purging: Automated vacuum purging for on-the-fly head maintenance, even during printing.
Print Drying: Built-in drying system
Web Handling: Zero maintenance brushless servo motors driving permanently lubricated planetary gearboxes (no oil changes required).
Removable cores with auto-locking chucks
Heated Platten: Maintains uniform temperature across print area to reduce dot gain.
Connectivity: 100baseT Ethernet LAN
Image Processing: Uniform TROOP! V5 RIP on-board
Electrical Supply: Single phase, 240V - 25A
Air Pressure: 70psi (3cfm minimum) oil and water free
Dimensions: 0.1mm
Weight: 1996 Kg / 4400lbs (printer only)
*UQ Speed - optimal balance between speed and quality
More Printheads equals More Speed
Forget all the marketing hype, to make a printer faster, add more printheads.
Uniform Trident vs the best of the rest
Uniform Trident
72 Xaar piezo electric DOD
NUR Fresco
32 Xaar piezo electric DOD
Scitex XLjet
32 Xaar piezo electric DOD
VUTEk 3360-II
16 Spectra piezo electric DOD
Gandi Jeti 3300
12 Spectra piezo electric DOD
Keundo SupraQ
12 Spectra piezo electric DOD
Blue text refers to UQ Mode - Uniform Quality & Speed